The Gathering Inn is the only emergency shelter that serves the homeless in our South Placer community.

To be admitted into the program, an individual must have a TB screening, be clean and sober upon admission, and be willing to participate in the programs that are offered.

The Gathering Inn   •   Phone: 916-791-9355   •   Roseville Campus:  201 Berkeley Ave., Roseville, CA 95678   •   Tax ID 84-1657746

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Here's One Way to Help

The Clothing Closet serves our guests and the community. We need casual clothing and shoes which are gently worn. No suits, dresses, ties or heels, please. Some items are better new, such as Socks and Men’s & Women’s Underwear

Our guests also need personal hygiene Items such as Disposable Razors, Shampoo, Deodorant, Q-Tips, Toothbrushes and Toothpaste. Detergent. Bleach, towels and washable twin blankets are always appreciated.

Bring your donations to the Roseville Campus:
201 Berkeley Ave., Roseville CA
Monday – Friday, 9am - 3pm​

From the CEO​

I am probably the last person that I ever thought would care one second about the homeless. My entire career prior to becoming the CEO of The Gathering Inn was working with disadvantaged children and families primarily in the foster care system. So why do I care now and why am I working at The Gathering Inn? All I can say is that it is funny how things in life happen sometimes and how things come around full-circle.

Approximately three years ago, my wife and I were driving into Sacramento for a meeting and we saw a homeless man face down, spread out on a concrete sidewalk and not moving as we drove by. Now mind you, prior to that when I came to a stop sign and there was a homeless person, the first thing that went through my mind is that this person should get a job. This time, however, I could not simply drive by and do nothing  or think my usual slogan “get a job.” So my wife and I pulled into the parking lot of Jimboy’s Tacos and I got out of the car and approached this gentleman. I knelt down and touched him to see, quite frankly, if he was still alive. Thank goodness, he was and as he looked up at me he said, “I have really screwed up my life.” It's all he said; he did not ask me for  money but simply made that statement. I helped him up, got him into the restaurant and bought him a meal. I did what I could at that time but at least I did something. However, something  profound happened to me. My heart became open to the homeless. I think it is more than coincidence that I now  lead the only shelter dedicated to the homeless in South Placer County.
My challenge to you in reading this is to open your heart to the homeless as I did. Contrary to the myths out there in the  community, most people do not choose to be or remain homeless.

I have received much more than I have given working here at this amazing organization we call The Gathering Inn. Our team of dedicated professionals really put our homeless first and strive to provide the homeless women, men, and families the dignity and support they need to become active members of our community. Explore our website more, educate yourself on homelessness and its causes, or even give us a call or stop by here to The Gathering Inn. We would love to have your support as a volunteer, as an advocate in the community, and of course your financial support would be helpful as well.
Keith Diederich CEO