Roseville Day Porter Program

Started in 2016, The Day Porter program is an exciting collaboration between The Gathering Inn (TGI) and the Downtown Roseville Partnership (DRP).  The program utilizes funding from the DRP that enables TGI to hire and employ current homeless guests at TGI, providing them job skills while benefiting the Downtown Roseville area.  Job duties of Day Porters include monitoring the downtown Roseville district, acting as an information ambassador equipped with maps, literature, and a cell phone, as well as acting as the eyes and ears for the Downtown Roseville police department and local officials. Day Porters also act as referral information sources to the unsheltered homeless that they come into contact with.  Day Porters work in direct partnership with Downtown Roseville merchants to keep an open line of communication between local agencies and the people they serve.

The DRP is an action-oriented, collaborative group that champions the creation of a vibrant and authentic downtown. A coalition of business and property owners formed the (DRP) in 2014, collaborating with City of Roseville, redevelopment organization (RCDC) and major businesses. The DRP is funded from tax assessments paid by its property owners.

TGI is very grateful to the DRP for the funding that makes employment opportunities available to the homeless that we serve.  There is nothing like steady work to build one’s self confidence and worth and help move a homeless person from homelessness to housing.