Permanent Supportive Housing Program

The Gathering Inn established its Permanent Supportive Housing Program in 2020 in collaboration with Placer County Whole Person Care. This Program is designed to provide long-term supportive housing to those who are most vulnerable. The Program consists of 3 homes located in various cities in Placer County, housing up to 18 individuals.

Two of the homes provide permanent housing for 12 individuals who each have their own rooms. This program is staffed with a Program Coordinator and 2 monitors that go between the homes to provide support. Each individual also has a case worker through Whole Person Care who continues to provide support and case management services, as well as transportation to medical appointments. The Gathering Inn’s staff provides any extra support as well as continuing to teach life skills, such as cooking, laundry, cleaning, and financial responsibility.

The third home houses another 6 tenants and provides the same support of overcoming barriers when needed but with the ultimate goal being for those individuals to obtain their own housing within 5 years.