Message from the CEO

Think back into your adolescent years and what you wanted to be when you grew up... I always wanted to be a park ranger. That's right, a park ranger. I always loved the outdoors and thought that would be a great way to be outside and be able to collect a paycheck doing what I thought I loved. What did you want to be growing up? The reason I ask is that we all as people growing up in our adolescent years wonder what we were going to do with our lives. Some of us had dreams of being doctors or lawyers and others dreamed of being accountants, nurses or even park rangers. But I am pretty sure that non of us grew up thinking that we would like to be homeless as a career choice. I can guarantee you that none of the homeless men, women and children we have at The Gathering Inn today either wanted to be homeless now in our program, want to remain homeless. Through the generous support of people such as yourself, The Gathering Inn is a beacon of hope, companionship, and accountability for the homeless here in our community so that they do not need to remain homeless for long.

There have been many changes here at The Gathering Inn over the past year including the addition of two programs serving the homeless up in the Mid Placer (Auburn) community. Through the addition of our Whole Person Care Interim Care Program, we are now serving up to eight homeless individuals at one time, who are medically fragile. This program seeks to stabilize the presenting medical issues for the homeless served in the program, while at the same time, obtaining housing in the community prior to discharge. The individuals served in this program are chronically homeless and have usually been so for quite some time. Our new Emergency Housing and Supportive Services Program up on the DeWitt campus in Auburn serves 100 men and women each and every night at a fixed location. This program is similar to our flagship program in South Placer County with the main difference being that the Mid Placer location is a permanent site and the homeless served do not go out to local churches in the evening, as they do at our South Placer location.

From our humble beginnings in 2004, as a winter only shelter program serving 40 homeless people per night, The Gathering Inn is now a multifaceted, multi-location agency serving over 185 homeless men, women and children each and every day right here in Placer County through programs at four separate locations. 

Given the large increase in the numbers of homeless we are serving, we need your help now more than ever! The work by The Gathering Inn is a true partnership with our homeless guests; but of equal importance is the partnership with you as our loyal supporters. Please keep us at the top of your list when you think about your philanthropic support. It only costs $38 per guest per day for The Gathering Inn to provide all the services that it does. $.85 cents of every dollar goes directly to the people that we serve, ensuring that your donated money supports our guests directly.

Please support our life changing work and help our homeless achieve self-sufficiency, dignity and housing!

With warm regards,
Keith E. Diederich
Chief Executive Officer
The Gathering Inn


The Gathering Inn is the only emergency shelter that serves the homeless in our South Placer community. To be admitted into the program, an individual must have a TB screening, be clean and sober upon admission, and be willing to participate in the programs that are offered.

Our Story

Compelled to meet the needs of the homeless, a group of Placer County ministers met in January 2004 to discuss opening their doors during the coldest months of the year. This collaboration of 13 congregations provided food, shelter, hospitality, and a sense of dignity to the homeless of Placer County. After three short years, The Gathering Inn evolved into a year-round program due to its high demand.

Today, The Gathering Inn is the preeminent program serving the homeless of Placer County, providing services 365 days a year. Comprehensive services address the mental health, addiction, employment, medical, dental, and basic needs of the homeless throughout the day with on-site programs. As part of The Gathering Inn’s collaboration with the community, about 40 congregations open their hearts and doors to support the homeless every night of the year providing food, shelter, and respect.