There are 517 homeless individuals In South Placer County on any night.
• 37% of these individuals are chronically homeless.

• 59% of these individuals are severely mentally ill.

• 39% have chronic substance abuse.
• 37% have been victims of domestic violence.
• 10% are Veterans.
• 11% have been in foster care previously.
• 60% are males, 40% are females.
• 85% are adults, 15% are children.

•  92% have experienced severe physical or sexual assault in their lifetime.
•  63% of homeless mothers have been violently abused by an intimate male partner.

•  27% required medical treatment.
•  44% lived outside their homes at some point during their childhood.
   Of these women, 20% were placed in foster care.
•  36% have experienced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a rate three times higher
   than other women.
•  66% of homeless women were violently abused by a childhood caretaker or other
    adult in their household before reaching age 18.
•  43% of homeless women were sexually molested as children.
•  Homeless mothers have ulcers at four times the rate of other women.


•  34% of school-aged homeless children have lived apart from their families
•  62% of formerly homeless, extremely low-income children (ages 8 to 17 years old)
   have been exposed to violence. For children over 12, the rate climbs to 83%.
•  Homeless children suffer from emotional or behavioral problems that interfere with
   learning at almost three times the rate of other children.
•  47% of homeless children between 6 and 17 years old struggle with problems such
   as anxiety, depression, or withdrawal, compared to 18% of other school-age children.

*According to the National Center on Family Homelessness


The cost of homelessness to society is great; homeless individuals move in and out of expensive emergency services like hospitals, substance abuse treatment facilities, and even jail. The average cost of an individual visit to an ER is $3500; to arrest someone costs over $400; jail time is over $100 dollars a day.

The Gathering Inn reduces these costs by providing a place for the homeless to
receive help rather than being on the streets consuming city and county resources. Each year more than 450 homeless individuals are served by The Gathering Inn.

Just the Facts: Sobering Statistics About Homelessness

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