According to the 2015 Point in Time Homeless Counts for Placer County, homelessness in Placer County is severely

chronic and highly correlated to mental illness. These individuals need help eradicating the barriers that keep them homeless.

They need people who Care.

Robert's Story

The raw numbers are important, but behind every number is a person with a true, real-life story. A person like Robert. Upon

graduating from Foothill High School and Cosumnes River College, and drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies organization, Robert

found himself homeless after battling a methamphetamine addiction. After living in his car for three months, and the last five days

of that time eating out of a jar of peanut butter, Robert finally let go of his pride enough to walk into the front door of The Gathering Inn.

He is thankful he did. Robert took advantage of the hand-up he received and got himself back on his feet, freed himself of his addiction,

and is now giving back to the community by working for The Gathering Inn. As Robert has stated, “I want to give back to the place that

gave me so much."

How We Care

Care:  Who Cares About the Homeless?